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From freestanding POS systems to mobile credit card processing, we incorporate your business with the highest level of top quality products and services. Provident Payments serves a wide selection of clients, from local small businesses to large scale corporations. No matter the client, we always offer growth and development.

POS Systems can be incorporated into any type of business from coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants. Special software programs related to your type of business can be downloaded into POS systems, providing businesses with the most advanced financial technology. Equipping your business with our advanced POS systems and state of the art software programs is the first step to elevate your business to soaring heights.

Provident Payment LV - Virtual Terminal Payments
Provident Payment LV - Virtual Terminal Payments

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Conducting transactions is how businesses continuously stay operational for years, it is one of the most important aspects of running and maintaining any type of business. When you get down to it, transactions have so many variables and working components, that many business owners don’t quite fully understand. POS systems are becoming the best method to use when conducting business.

POS systems work well with businesses because of all the functions they can perform. From connecting to all your stores, keeping track of inventory, to store monitoring, POS systems are a strong business unit that enhances productivity and efficiency. When you calculate in security monitoring, fraudulent activity, analytical data reports, inventory volume, and store connectivity.  POS systems are able to be a business’s personal security system.

Provident Payments aligns your business with the right POS systems and the most advanced technological software, to give your business the best secure transactions. In addition, we also have a 24-hour security team monitoring your transactions to inform you about any suspicious activity that may arise.

For over a decade we have provided our services to businesses all throughout the Las Vegas area, as well as nationwide. Let Provident Payments become apart of your team to amplify the growth of your business.

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Mobile Card Readers

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POS Systems

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Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallet is a convenient personal wallet which is accessed through your phone. The mobile wallet is linked to your debit or credit card and funds come directly out of the personal account of the user. Once you have decided on updating your business to accept mobile credit payments, we will come and install an NFC (near field communication) terminal. Once activated, the NFC terminal will be able to sync up with a customer’s mobile wallet and complete a transaction.

POS Security

POS security is the protection of your business from fraudulent transactions. Conducting credit and debit card transactions continuously can result in a higher risk of fraud. When a fraudulent transaction isn’t detected, it can leave the business liable for any of the fraudulent transactions which were approved by the business. This installation of modern POS systems is recommended for the highest level of security for your customers and your business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of growth and expansion? Contact us at Provident Payments, schedule a consultation with our team, and inquire about our multiple services and products.


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