We would like to thank you for your confidence in selecting us for your dental care. We are committed to excellence in dentistry and to offering our patients only the highest quality care.

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We want to make you to smile more.

Using the latest technology, we perform a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can be proud of.

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At Polit & Costello you'll always find friendly, professional staff that will go out of there way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one!

We utilize technological advancements that science has made, to allow us to better serve our patients. We believe that when you use the finest tools, you can produce superior results with more ease. Modern technology not only allows precision, efficiency and predictability for dentists, but also allows patients to have a better understanding of their situation while spending less time in the chair.

- Tony Polit & John Costello, Dentists


At Polit & Costello, we take pride in offering individualized treatment to our patients, carefully educating them about their options, and developing plans in accordance with their specific needs and goals. Our office is a provider of excellent dental care and thorough patient education. We are dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive dental treatment. We encourage our patients to seek non-compromising care and we educate them as to the benefits of preventive dental care as well as appearance-related dentistry which can improve their self-image and self-worth. If quality of service is your primary concern, you will be very satisfied with the value you receive in our office.

Some people may feel a little anxious before their first visit to a new dentist. Relaxed and comfortable is how we would like you to feel when you visit our office. Please feel free to share any special concerns or previous dental experiences that may have created a problem for you in the past. We look forward to you being a patient in our office for a long time, and you will find that we will work hard to earn your trust.

New patients are always welcome. Many of our new patients have been referred by our previous or current patient, and there is always room for another smiling face. We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and to thank you for your confidence.

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We strive to constantly pursue the latest technologies for the dental practice. Examples include but are not limited to digital radiography, the waterlase MD Laser System, and the digital cavity detector. We both provide evening appointments, employ a full educated staff and offer easy payment options.

Our Services

Smile...you are in the hands of experienced and capable dentists with the ultimate goal of producing results that are completely natural looking.

General Dentistry & Preventative Care

Of course, the best way to combat mouth diseases and tooth pain is to take steps to prevent them from occurring in advance. Although advances in dental technology have made it possible for us to restore the health of your mouth with relative ease and comfort, it is always preferable to preserve and protect your existing teeth. In addition to maintaining a sensible oral hygiene regimen, it is essential that you visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth professionally cleaned and screened for potential problems. By doing so, you increase the chances that your natural teeth will serve you well your entire life. Find Out More

Cosmetic Dentistry

• Porcelain Veneers • Porcelain Crowns • Porcelain Bridges • Tooth Colored Fillings • Dental Implants • Teeth Whitening • Composite Dental Bonding

Using the latest technology, Dr. Polit and Dr. Costello perform a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to give you a beautiful, healthy smile that you can be proud of. They continually educate themselves on the latest techniques and technologies in cosmetic dentistry, integrating the most promising of these into the practice. They strive to expand and improve their practice in a continuing effort to offer patients the most pleasant, relaxing, and stress-free dental experience possible.

Restorative Dentistry

• Root Canals • Porcelain Metal Crowns • Inlays and Onlays • Implant Retained Denture

Due to the continuing evolution of modern dentistry, there are more options for safe, quick, and relatively pain-free treatment of serious dental problems than ever before. Recovery time and post-procedural discomfort have been dramatically reduced over the years, meaning that in most cases you will be able to resume normal activity almost immediately. Factor in our gentle touch and compassionate manner and you may be surprised at how relaxing and pleasant a trip to the dentist can be.Truly, there is no reason to live with tooth pain when safe, gentle, comfortable treatment is only an office visit or two away.

Sedation Dentistry

• Intravenous Sedation • Nitrous Oxide Sedation • Oral Medication

It's perfectly normal to be a little anxious about visiting the dentist's office. If the thought of going to the dentist conjures up scary images, you may want to consider one of our sedation options. Conscious sedation is a safe, effective treatment used to help anxious patients relax so that they can get the dental care they need. Patients are always carefully monitored during treatment, ensuring the highest standards of safety. To find out more about conscious sedation, please contact our practice today.

Our patients are seen by appointment with enough time to ensure quality, both of dentistry and of the relationship between our patients and ourselves. Time is allowed for questions and explanations. This also means that our patients are seen on time. We respect your schedule, and every effort is made to seat our patients on time. Our staff will contact you in advance to confirm your appointment with you. But even if we are not able to reach you, we know we can count on you to be here as scheduled. Since we do not overbook, a "no show" means an empty office for us. Even the most reliable people occasionally need to reschedule their appointments. If this happens to you, simply call us soon as possible. Aside from a big "thank you", it allow us enough time to schedule and treat patients in need of urgent dental care.

During your first appointment, you will have time with Dr. Polit or Dr. Costello so that you can get to know each other and discuss your desires and expectations from your dental care. Next, we will use our intra-oral camera to study the condition of your teeth. Next, the necessary x-rays needed to complete your examination will be taken. Also included in your examination will be a detailed charting of the current condition of your teeth, gums, and bone support. The doctors will also check for the presence of oral cancer as well as the condition of the joints and muscles in your face and jaws.

Upon completion of this comprehensive examination we will discuss the overall findings, goals, expectations, and treatment options.

We participate with most insurance companies and will work hard to help you get the maximum benefits. Remember, your benefits are determined by your employer, not your dentist and are meant to aid you in paying for dental care. They generally do not pay 100% of treatment costs. Insurance benefits vary greatly from one policy to another. It will be your responsibility to pay any amount not covered by your benefits. We firmly believe that patients with insurance deserve the high quality of care as patients without insurance and will therefore share all treatment options available to you, not just what your insurance benefits allow.


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